Is it difficult for a child to eat properly?

Today, healthy eating is talked about and written about almost every day. But usually most of this information is an attempt to present any fact as sensational, without understanding the issue to the end. We will take a different path, talking about products and their impact in simple language, giving clear examples and providing really useful information. The diet of a 6-7-year-old child is in many ways similar to the diet of an adult, but there are still differences. Be sure to include fresh fruits and juices, dairy and sour milk products, eggs (you can give both boiled and omelettes), hard cheeses.

Useful snacks for schoolchildren

It is the main source of all omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Consumption of fish, not supplements, reduces Fruits: bananas, tangerines, apples, pears, peaches, apricots. Dried fruits will also be a great option for school. Straw carrots are a good snack in autumn. It is convenient to put vegetables in disposable bags-sliders or to a lunch box. It is very convenient and useful to have a snack during the break with apple puree or yogurt in a plastic cup with a lid and a plastic spoon. If the child is not allergic, you can give him tasty walnuts. Put them in a disposable paper cup with a lid. Make banana muffins, carrot muffins or homemade oatmeal cookies with nuts, raisins and honey for schoolchildren - sharing homemade delicacies with friends during the break is a lot of fun. If you are making sandwiches, take boiled or steamed chicken and green salad, not sausage. Choose better whole grain bread. Be sure to give the student a bottle of clean drinking water without gas. Remember that packaging is very important for children. A bright lunch box for sandwiches with the character of your favorite cartoon or an unusual paper bag will improve not only the appetite but also the mood. Remind your child about hygiene.

Sweet healthy food

You can offer a schoolboy marshmallows, marmalade or a small piece of quality chocolate or ice cream. Avoid sugary sodas or candies with questionable ingredients. Children's diet should always be under special control.